The State Legislature of the State of Tennessee will vote today on whether or not to lower the age of consent. That age is currently 16, but lawmakers and lobbyists are attempting to lower it to the age of 12. Dylan “Bubba” Edwards, a member of the legislature from Tick Holler, said that “we done found out that the age is 13 in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We can’t let them fellers
A 13-year-old girl arrested for shoplifting was held in the Dallas County Jail for nearly two weeks before it was determined that she is underage, a police sergeant said Thursday. An internal affairs investigation has been launched to review the matter, police Sgt. Warren Mitchell told The Associated Press on Thursday night. The girl, who had run away from home, was arrested July 10 at a Target department store for
George Daniels, husband of recently dismissed R. Kelly publicist Regina Daniels and longtime Chicago music scene fixture, is attempting to shame a clearly unshamable man, raising a stink that Kelly “crossed a line,” this one moral, when he engaged in an affair with the Daniels’ daughter. Turns out those “ROCK SOLID” rumors about the relationship from November were actually true, except